Rise Armament releases special edition RA-535 flat faced performance trigger

The special edition RA-535 isa flat faced design. (Photo: Rise Armament)

Rise Armament introduces the special edition RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger with flat-faced design into its aftermarket accessories lineup.

The limited edition RA-535 is based on Rise Armament’s original RA-535, boasting “the same advanced performance that users are accustomed to.” Using a single-stage drop-in design, the trigger offers a fast reset and a light, smooth 3.5-pound pull.

The limited edition RA-535 model delivers a flat trigger faced style that differs from the original. The flat faced design creates a wider feel with more surface area for shooters to utilize.

Rise Armament President Matt Torres said the special edition RA-535 was born from customers requesting a flatter face trigger.

“We’ve had a lot of customer requests for an RA-535 with a flat trigger face, so we’re excited to offer this special run,” Torres said in a news release. “We’re offering it at a discounted rate, and we hope customers will give us their feedback on the trigger style.”

The limited edition RA-535 is available from Rise Armament on a first-come, first-served basis with limited quantities in stock. The flat-faced RA-535 is priced at $199.

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