Dry fire practice: The underrated, free training exercise (VIDEO)

The shooting exercise that has benefited my shooting abilities the greatest is dry fire practice. I understand that it is definitely not the most glamorous of exercises. You do not receive the welcomed stimulus of the recoil, smell, and sound of the gun that we all experience in live fire. But dry fire does allow you to breakdown and analyze a lot of the motor functions that go into shooting.

Dry Fire Aids

These days there are a lot of great training aids for dry fire reps. My two personal favorites are the “Dry Fire Mag” and a “Sirt Pistol”. Both of these products allow me to have full trigger function without having to break my grip and cycle the slide so the trigger resets. Are they perfect? No, but it will make dry fire a little bit more appetizing. Again, there are many other dry fire products available so find something that will motivate you to dry fire.

A little goes a long way

Start by dedicating 10-20 minutes a week to dry firing. Make sure your firearm is unloaded and all ammo is removed from the area. Find a good spot to tape a business card on a wall and work through drawing, grip, sight alignment, and trigger press. You can mix in reloads and malfunction drills with snap caps spice things up. If you can increase the amount of time you dry fire you will see improvements on the range. You have nothing to lose because the best part is that dry fire is FREE!!

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