Phlster launches Floodlight holster for light equipped pistols

The Floodlight features shock cord that helps users tweak the holster to their preferences and gun. (Photo: Phlster)

Holster maker Phlster introduces a new holster, the Floodlight, created to offer gun owners a means to safely carry a light equipped handgun.

The holster is crafted to accept almost any service-grade handgun with X3000 A or B weapon light, according to the company. The ambidextrous holster sports adjustable retention settings to allow users to tailor the friction retention to suit individual preferences.

The Floodlight by Phlster offers belt loops and clips for a customizable experience. (Photo: Phlster)

“Like the Spotlight holster, adjustable retention is included, allowing the user to increase or decrease the friction retention on the body of the WML to tune the draw to their preference,” Phlster said in a press release. “Turn the screws attaching the ModWing grip-tucking hardware to dial the retention to your preference.”

Sporting a universalized design, the Floodlight uses a two-piece style paired with shock cord permitting consumers to adjust the holster to fit multiple firearms with different slide dimensions. The holster also supports muzzle device, suppressor height sights and slide mounted optics.

Capable of being worn in the AIWB position or strong side IWB, the Floodlight ships with soft loops or belt clips. The Floodlight is available from Phlster with a MSRP of $119.

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