10 gifts to give the hunter in your life this holiday season

12/4/18 8:30 AM | by

The Christmas hunting…err..shopping season is upon us, so here’s a few gift ideas to help fill the stockings of the hunters in your life with gifts they’ll actually adore.

1. Henry AR-7 Rifle U.S. Survival Pack

This may be one of the few rifles you can fit in a stocking. The stowable, semi-automatic rimfire rifle is perfect for hunters or preppers. The Survival Pack includes not only the rifle, but also a cool zipper case filled with survival supplies perfect for the backcountry hunter. Online sales had the kit listed under four bills.

2. SOG BladeLight Hunt Knife

A quality hunting knife with LED lights along the blade to make gutting work faster, safer, and easier.  Throw in a leather sheath all for $38 at online retailers. What’s not to like?

3. Bill Heavey books

You’ve never considered giving the gift of laughter — until now. No hunting camp or hunter’s bookshelf is complete with some Heavey humor. Any of his collections of shorts is guaranteed to bring a wide smile to the face of any outdoorsman or woman. I particularly like Should the Tent be Burning Lie That or You’re Not Lost if you can Still See the Truck.

4. Scent Kapture Field Spray

Give the gift of scent control this holiday season. They produce a full line of scent control products, but our fave is the odor-encapsulating Field Spray from Scent Kapture. These guys are passionate about hunting and know how to make a product that actually works.

5. Hornady Precision Hunter Ammunition

We’ve never awoken Christmas morning to a hefty Christmas stocking filled with ammunition, but there’s always hope.  No long-range hunter would turn down a box or two of Hornady’s Precision Hunter. Available in all the most popular calibers from .243 Win to .338 Lapua, there’s a flavor for every hunter.  The heat shield tip and high ballistic coefficient make it ideal for beanfield distances.

6. Leupold Quest Thermal Tracker

The Quest is a thermal optic with a built-in camera and powerful flashlight. Designed to pick up heat signatures to 300-yards, this is both a scouting and game recovery tool. Plus, it’s just plain fun at hunting camp. MSRP is $649, but online sales have it as low as $479.

7. Birchwood Casey PreGame Animal Targets

Any hunter worth their salt spends plenty of time practicing on the range. And nothing spices up range time like a quality hunting target. B/C’s heavy-duty PreGame line of splattering paper targets cover everything from squirrels to ducks to elk. MSRP is $11.99 per three pack.

8. Montana Decoy

Bet you didn’t think you could fit a decoy into a Christmas stocking, but you can with Montana Decoy. Their photo-realistic dekes from turkey to elk all pack down to easily stowable sizes. No matter the quarry your hunter chases, Montana Decoy has them covered. We especially enjoy the turkey and whitetail combo packs.

9. Nikon Spur Reflex Sight

If your gift recipient is a turkey hunter in need of an optic, they’ll love the Spur. Bonus? Nikon’s Spur is half hunting/half tactical, meaning it’s just as much at home on an AR as it is standing up to heavy recoil on a turkey scattergun or even a hunter’s handgun. Online retailers list it just over two bills.

10. Mossy Oak True Hunt Socks

What could be more hip this Christmas than stuffing a stocking with, well, stockings? Hunters need quality foot coverings to face inclement conditions. Mossy Oak’s True Hunt socks have arch support and a nice wool blend. MSRP is $11.99/pair.

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