Inside the Gray Room: The extra-fast VP70M machine pistol (VIDEOS)

Inside HKs facility in Ashburn, Virginia is a VP70M machine pistol with its blistering 2,200-rounds-per-minute rate of fire intact and ready to go.

We’ve talked about the commercial semi-auto version of the pistol before– the innovative VP70Z —  but Ian McCollum with Forgotten Weapons got a chance to look at the legit plastic pistol that lives inside HKs Gray Room. A surprisingly simple blow-back that incorporates the three-round burst mechanism inside the detachable plastic buttstock, the gun was ahead of its time but never really caught on.

However, it is really groovy when firing. As seen in the above video, McCollum gets off some trigger time on this unicorn gun (just a few thousand VP70M models were made) and the burst fire actually just sounds like a single shot.

To see the insides, check out the below. Of note, he compares it to a 9x21mm VP70Z, made for sale in Italy.

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