The affordable yet interesting Yugo M48 Mauser (VIDEO)

Among the last iterations of the Mauser-style bolt action military rifles, Yugoslavia produced more than a million M48s in the years after World War II ended.

With a short visit on the M48 is Tim Harmsen with the Military Arms Channel in the above video. One benefit of these Yugos is that he brings up is that they are often cheaper and more readily available than other Mausers.

Featuring a cupped stainless steel butt plate, the rifle went into production at Zastava in 1948 and was based on but not identical to the late-model German Kar.98K. A bolt gun in a world where auto-loading AG-42s, FN-49s, and M1s were standard, these rifles were often put into arsenal storage almost as soon as they were built while the Yugoslav military moved to produce their own SKS (M59) and Kalashnikov (M64) variants. This translates into a large quantity of these 8mm Mausers on the market that are not as crazy collectible as some of their older half-brothers and cousins.

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