FB Radom to make 20,000 new VIS 100 pistols for Polish Army (PHOTOS)

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FB Radom to make 20,000 new VIS 100 pistols for Polish Army (PHOTOS)

FB Radom, who in the past supplied the VIS wz.35, P-64, and P-83 pistols to the Polish military, will again be supplying handguns to the Polish Army, this time a version of their PR-15. (Photos: FB)

The Polish armed forces this week inked a deal with the country’s storied small arms maker for a new 9mm pistol.

Fabryka Broni Łucznik Radom and the Polish Army released joint statements on Wednesday announcing that the manufacturer would produce 20,000 new VIS 100 handguns for the force in an effort to phase out various pistols. The guns, a version of FB’s PR-15 RAGUN pistol, will bear a name celebrating the country’s recent centennial celebration of achieving independence following World War I, blended with the popular VIS name used by FB’s famous 1935-era pistol used by the Polish military in WWII.

“We are proud that on the anniversary of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by our country, we signed a contract for the supply of VIS 100 pistols for the Polish Army,” said Adam Suliga, FB’s board president. “This gun is the crowning achievement of development projects implemented by our company.”

The PR-15 is a full-sized hammer-fired semi-auto with a 15+1 capacity. Coated with a Tenifer finish similar to that used on early Glocks, FB’s combat pistol uses a 4.34-inch barrel and is fully ambidextrous.

Note the surface controls and replaceable grips

Besides a MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail on the frame’s dustcover, the PR-15 has a trigger guard that evokes memories of the 1980’s S&W “wonder-nines.”

As well as very aggressive forward slide serrations

Unlike the Cold War-era FB P-64s Czak and FB P-83 Wanad used currently by the Polish Army in small numbers, which are chambered in 9x18mm Makarov, the PR-15 is chambered in NATO-standard 9x19mm Luger. The gun will also replace the more prolific and recently introduced WIST-94, which some Polish journals report as having a poor reputation.

The new guns, to be used to arm officers and specialists, will start delivery in the second half of 2019, a process expected to complete in 2022.

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