Gift giving guide for the Cowboys in your life this holiday season

Whether you’re buying for a cowboy action shooter, Western lover, or a gunslinger at heart, they’re sure to appreciate these presents. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Y’all needn’t yell “giddyup” or “yeehaw “to appreciate gifts from this list – though it wouldn’t hurt, either. Whether you’re buying for a cowboy action shooter, Western lover, or a gunslinger at heart, they’re sure to appreciate these presents.

1. Savoy Leather Holsters

(Photo: Savoy)

Nothing says “cowboy” like the smell of a quality leather belt or holster. And nobody does a better job of custom-meets-production leatherwork like Savoy. All handmade, in the USA, by God-fearing, patriotic Americans. There’s a holster size and design for everybody, and plenty of other products too, including snuff can holders for the caballero with a cud.

2. Any Henry Repeating Arms lever action

(Photo: Henry Repeating Arms)

If you don’t associate modern cowboys and cowgirls with Henry Repeating Arms, I’m afraid I can’t help you.  They’re turning out the finest, all-American-made lever actions, hands down. Whether you opt for a rimfire or a Big Boy centerfire, Henry truly has something for every shooter. Be it brass, silver, case colored, or engraved, Henry owners join family passionate about their firearms.

3. BenShot “Bulletproof” Glass

(Photo: BenShot)

These bullet-impaled drinking glasses are all the rage, and I don’t know a cowpoke around who wouldn’t want to pound their whiskey out of one a BenShot version. This father/son company makes everything in the USA, from shot glasses to beer pints, with custom options available. There are others on the market, but rural-Wisconsin-based BenShot can’t be beat. Prices run from $14.99 on up, or even cheaper if you wait for a sale.

4. Stormy Kromer Original Cap

(Photo: Stormy Kromer)

It’s not a Stetson, but the Stormy Kromer is the perfect Midwest cowboy hat.  These original six-panel woolen lids are made in the USA and have a Yooper-cool factor that only a sturdy outdoorsperson can pull off.  The company offers both men’s and women’s versions in a whole host of colors, and a retail price of $44.99.

5. 2nd Amendment Plaque

(Photo: Henry Repeating Arms)

Wall art for cowboys? Yes, please. The 2nd Amendment Plaque is sold in the Henry Store for $99.95 and is intended as either a wall or lawn mount. This piece is cast aluminum with black and gold trim, made in the USA, announcing the true feelings of gritty gun owners.

6. Buffalo Bore Ammunition

(Photo: Buffalo Bore)

Lever action or wheelgun, big bore shooters who want potent medicine will love Buffalo Bore ammunition. The Salmon, ID-based company includes plenty of traditionally western calibers, many loaded with heavy cast lead.  Just be sure your gun can handle the hotter loads before slinging some lead. Buffalo Bore will help you knock down some big game.

7. Lyman 140th Anniversary Sharps Carbine

(Photo: Lyman Sharps)

If Quigley Down Under gives you palpitations, or you just adore historic firearms, the new Lyman Sharps Carbine will get you feeling all nostalgic. The limited-edition, .30-30 reproduction made by Pedersoli ooze quality and are limited to only 140 serial numbers. With a $1,995 retail, the Lyman is not cheap, but it’s legit.

8. Justin Boots in Mossy Oak Camo

(Photo: Mossy Oak)

No buckaroo shopping list would be complete without a pair of boots. For a cowboy-meets-hunter option, check out Justin’s new partnership with Mossy Oak. There are multiple styles for both men and women, with reasonable price points from $89-$199.

9. Traditions Frontier Single Action Army Revolver

(Photo: Pietta)

No handgun personifies the American West better than the SAA. While reproductions abound, one of the most reasonably-priced options that’s also well-built is the Traditions Frontier by Pietta. Six shooters come in .357 Mag, .45 Long Colt, and .44 Mag with a variety of finishes and grips. Online prices run in the $400-$550 range depending on configuration. Get yourself a leather holster, some ammo, and you’ll have smiles galore on Christmas morning.

10. Gun-Themed Belt Buckle

(Photo: Weatherby)

If you’ve got the lever action rifle, single action sidearm, a tall hat, and some leather, all that’s needed to round out the cowboy outfit is a bling-y belt buckle. Our favorites revolve around the gun industry. Both Henry Repeating Arms and Weatherby offer sweet buckles done by Montana Silversmiths. Hornady offers a pewter version in celebration of their fine ammunition.

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