Keres Dynamics releases mag release, adjustable triggers for Sig Sauer P320

The triggers and mag release come in either black or silver. (Photo: Keres Dynamics)

Keres Dynamics brings new options for Sig Sauer P320 users looking to upgrade by introducing the Pro Action and Pro Adjust triggers, as well as the Pro Extend mag release.

The Pro Action introduces a flat face, adjustable trigger style into the Sig P320 paired with a near vertical break for a 25-percent reduction in pull force. The prominent center rib results in fast and consistent indexing, says Keres Dynamics.

The Pro Adjust offers the same perks as the Pro Action along with an improved grip offering a more tactical response granting shooters faster indexing. In addition, the Pro Adjust trigger ships with set screws adjusting for take-up and over-travel. Overall, the Pro Adjust reduces travel up to 60-percent, providing for a faster, crisper action according to Keres Dynamics.

The triggers introduce a flat face design while the mag release offers an extended surface area for faster reloads. (Photo: Keres Dynamics)

In addition to two new triggers, Keres Dynamics serves up a new mag release known as the Pro Extend. The Pro Extend works to improve magazine releasing with better ergonomics and comfort, resulting in faster mag changes. The Keres Dynamics design comes in two generations to offer compatibility with both Sig Sauer mag release styles.

All designs come in the choice of black and silver. The Pro Action trigger retails for $59 while the Pro Adjust trigger is priced at $89. The Pro Extend features a price tag starting at $49.

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