The 10 best stocking stuffers for the gun girl in your life

Dry Fire pillow (Photo: Armed In Style)

Holiday shopping for the gun girl in your life can seem like an intimidating task. In reality, it doesn’t have to be. has put together our top 10 list of great gun-themed stocking stuffers designed to delight that very special lady in your life.

1. “Dry Fire Primer” by Annette Evans

(Photo: Amazon)

Competition shooter Annette Evans brings her expertise to the “Dry Fire Primer” sharing with readers the importance and the how-to of dry fire. In the book, available either in eBook format, $3.99, or paperbook, $7.99, Evans takes readers through the basics of dry fire and into the routine that has made her a successful competition shooter. For gun owners looking to ramp up their accuracy and skills without dropping a ton of money at the range, Evans’ “Dry Fire Primer” is a must have in the bookshelf.

2. Dry Fire Pillow

(Photo: Armed in Style)

While you’re on the dry fire train, grab a dry fire accent pillow for the special lady in your life. Designed by Armed In Style, the dry fire pillows feature a cute and decorative front with a dry fire target on the back of the pillow hidden from view. Targets range from silhouettes to IDPA and USPSA style targets. The pillows are priced at around $30 each.

3. Holsters for skirts and yoga pants

(Photo: Crossbreed Holsters)

Women face a unique set of concealed carry challenges due to the apparel that tends to stock our closet – namely, skirts and yoga pants. These often adopt a belt-less design leaving concealed carry fans without much recourse in the way of toting their favorite gun. To alleviate the problem, buy your lady friend a holster specifically designed for belt free carry. Can Can Concealment offers two options for women carriers – the Hip Hugger, a belly band-esque setup, and the Garter holster, a thigh rig for women. Both options can accommodate a range of firearms and offer places for women to even carry spare mags.

Additionally, Crossbreed provides a belly band style holster with Kydex shell in the way of the Modular Belly Band Holster. Both the Can Can and the Crossbreed open the door for women to safely carry their guns even when sporting yoga pants or skirts. The Can Can Concealment lineup starts at $66 while the Crossbreed Modular Belly Band retails for $70.

4. Nylon gun belt

(Photo: Volund Gearworks)

Help your lady achieve a more comfy carry with a new belt for the holidays season. sound simple, but a good CC belt makes all the difference when trying to pack a gun without printing. For women, the added challenge is finding one that doesn’t bruise or cause discomfort around the hips. The best belts for that are often nylon as they offer flexibility around hip bones.

Volund Gearworks’ Atlas Slim Cobra Belt, $75, is an amazing belt system that caters to women’s bodies while also delivering a low-profile that doesn’t alert outsiders to the presence of a gun. NexBelt also makes an EDC belt called the Titan, $45, that allows users to cut the material down to the appropriate size ensuring a precise fit.

5. Amabilis Responder Hoody

(Photo: Amabilis)

Shooting outdoors during the winter months is less than ideal, especially when living in cooler climates. For the gun girl who braves the outdoors regardless of weather to pop off a few rounds, the Amabilis Responder Hoody will keep her warm. Able to be worn solo as a jacket or layered under a heavier coat, the Amabilis Responder Hoody is equipped with real pockets and stretch fabric for a cozy approach to layered wear. The Responder Hoody is available through Amabilis with a MSRP of $119.

6. Shooting gloves, pocket warmers

(Photo: SKD Tactical)

While shooting outdoors, keep your lady’s hand warms with a pair of shooting gloves from SKD Tactical. The PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Charlie Gloves are made specifically for women’s hands. The FDT Charlie Gloves help keep hands protected while still allowing women the dexterity to operate firearms on the range. In addition, the gloves feature touch screen compatibility for smart phone use as well as a micro suede nose wipe area to fight against “cold weather nose drip.” The PIG FDT Charlie Gloves make an excellent addition to any woman’s range bag with a price tag of $43.

For a more budget friendly means to keep your shooter’s hands warm, opt for a package of HotHands hand warmers. Easy to sling in a range bag and keep tucked in a coat, HotHands will keep fingers warm and toasty in between trigger sessions. A 20-count of HotHands hand warmers runs less than $20.

7. UpLula

(Photo: MagLula)

The worst part of range day is running your manicure, so why not help your lady preserve her nails by slipping an UpLula under the tree. Using a pocket-sized approach, the UpLula allows shooters to quickly and efficiently load magazines without blackening or hurting thumbs. Compatible with 9mm, .357 Sig, 10mm, .40, and .45ACP single and double stack magazines, the UpLula comes in a variety of colors to match whatever aesthetic your sweetheart desires. The UpLula is available online with a price tag of $40.

8. Ameriglo or Trijicon sights

(Photo: Ameriglo)

What better way to show you care than with a pair of new sights for your lady’s pistol? Help her ditch the factory sights in favor of high-visibility tritium digs that can tackle any low light shooting situation. Ameriglo makes a range of sights at a variety of price points starting at $50. For those that want only the best for their loved ones, Trijicon also is more than happy to help outfit pistols with better sights. The Trijicon HD Night Sight Set comes in a either orange or yellow with the benefit of visibility during low light setups. Prepare the bank account though, Trijicons will set you back $165.

9. Reactive targets

(Photo: Birchwood Casey)

Guide your lady friend away from paper and into the world of reactive targets, with a Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Target. These reactive targets are available in Hex Target Ball, Hanging Plate, Belly Dancer staked target, Bouncing Ball and Prairie Chuck in either hanging target or staked form. The targets help shooters achieve better target acquisition as the targets bounce around with each shot. They’re also loads of fun to shoot at. Birchwood Casey offers its Ground Strike Targets online with prices ranging between $20 and $40.

10. Training


When all else fails and you’re desperate for a good gift for your gun girl, look no further than the classroom down the street. An often overlooked item that is a necessity for shooters of any skill level, a good class with a good instructor is worth its weight in gold. Scour the nearby area and see what instructors and classes are available and sign your lady up to learn a new skill. Want to spend some bonding time together, sign yourself up as well and attend the class together as a couple. She will appreciate both the knowledge she gains as well as the extra time spent alongside you. Classes vary in price.

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