Ultradyne’s Apollo Max now available in .308 Win/ 7.62

Ultradyne offers its Apollo Max now in .308 Win/7.62. (Photo: Ultradyne)

Ultradyne expands its Apollo Max muzzle brake models, serving up a new variant tuned for .308 Win/ 7.62.

The Apollo Max boasts angled muzzle-rise compensation ports designed to move gasses away from the shooter. This construction keeps gasses from impacting shooters’ vision, according to Ultradyne.

The muzzle brake is CNC machined in the U.S., with each port delicately placed for maximum impact. The company said the Apollo Max design helps mitigate recoil on .308 Win platforms, helping shooters make faster follow-up shoots with better consistency.

The muzzle brake looks to mitigate recoil on .308 platform rifles. (Photo: Ultradyne)

“Newton’s Third Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and fans of .308 WIN know that means energy coming back to the shooter. This recoil may be bearable, but it often moves the rifle off of the target, making follow-up shots slower and tracking hits more difficult,” Ultradyne said in a news release. “The Apollo Max is the solution by putting the cartridges’ own power to use in recoil mitigation.”

The Apollo Max is also offered in 5.56 as well as 6.5 Creedmoor. The muzzle brake is available through Ultradyne with prices starting at $109.

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