Gag gifts keep the humor rolling for hunters year round

Sometimes the funniest stories of the year arise from deer camps around the country. How can we keep that humor rolling through the Christmas season for hunters? With a few of these gag gifts, of course!

1. BenShot Bullet Glass

This is a great novelty gift, but joke’s on you if you’re gifting this strictly as a gag. I don’t know any hunter or shooter who wouldn’t get a kick out of it—but also love to sip whiskey from one of these bullet drinking glasses. There are other brands on the market, but we love BenShot’s all-American-made products from a father-son team. Choose from shot, highball, beer pint glasses and more.

2. Redneck Plunger

The battery-operated Redneck Plunger has been at the top of the hunter’s gag gifting list for some time now, and it’s simply hard to beat for a hearty laugh. A shotgun shape that makes shooting sounds when the trigger is pulled, this baby has crafty stickers that hunters will recognize, like: “If it’s brown, it’s down.” In case of a true emergency, the Redneck Plunger is actually a functional toilet de-clogger.

3. Deer Rump Bottle Opener

Last year’s Deer Rear molded plastic bottle opener is long gone, replaced by — yes, you are reading this correctly — a pricey taxidermied whitetail deer’s behind with a strategically placed bottle opener. You can’t make this stuff up. If you’re upping your gag gifting game, check out the Deer Rump.  If the finished mount is simply too pricey at $281, they also offer it as a DIY kit.

4. Proof Daddy Isn’t Always Hunting Onesie

Need the perfect gag for your hardcore hunting buddy turned father? Well here is proof that he was not always in his deer stand. Dress his little one in this adorable onesie proclaiming, “proof daddy isn’t always hunting.” Sometimes “cute” is just as funny as crude.

5. Off Road Commode/Bumper Dumper


Sometimes the best gag gifts are the ones born out of necessity. And other times when you’re in the woods, you just have to answer mother nature’s call. There’s your “aha” moment, and here we are with hitch-mounted portable toilet seats for your pickup truck. Choose either the original Bumper Dumper or the Off Road Commode. Kudos to those two companies for coming up with equally exceptional names for their products.

6. Rutt Wipe

We won’t comment on why so many hunter’s gag gifts center around bathroom habits, but here is yet another. If a cheap zinger is all you need for a gag gift idea, Rutt Wipe has you covered. Blaze orange toilet paper proclaiming “don’t get shot with your pants down” should be staple for every new member of deer camp. A single roll is $4.99, while a two pack is $8.99.

7. Bill Heavey’s books

We’ve met plenty of hunters around the buck pole who could care less about reading books and will be quick to tell you they haven’t read a book since high school. However, Bill Heavey’s writing is at once humorous and heartfelt, so much so, in fact, that I’ve seen his short stories appreciated and shared by every hunter who has read his words. A couple of the best titles? Should the Tent Be Burning Like That? and You’re Not Lost if you Can Still See the Truck.

8. Scent Kapture Scent Control

Nothing says “I love you” and “You stink” like the gift of scent control. Yet, this is another one of those gags that’s not really a joke. Buy the hunter in your life a bottle — or a full kit — of Scent Kapture scent control products and they’ll not only be more pleasant around camp, but they’ll be able to put the sneak on that big buck’s fine sniffer as well. This is a win-win.

9. Montana Decoy Deer Rump

This thing looks like a gag, but jokes on you — it actually works in the field. Gift it for a laugh, but it just might help the recipient finally bag that big ruttin’ buck. The Montana Decoy Deer Rump is a packable, lightweight decoy of the whitetail deer’s behind with a tail designed to hold scent and attract the big bucks.

10. Hunting-Opoly

This spin-off of the classic Monopoly board game may be fun to play for children aged three and over, but it’s a great gag gift for deer camp. What hunter wants to admit the hunting is so slow that there are not only no deer to track and clean, nor stands to fine tune, that they’ve taken to playing board games.

At least Hunting-Opoly allows gamers to buy dream hunting locations and charge other players to hunt on your lands. That’s bound to bring a few laughs to deer camp.

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