Like Christmas morning every month with the Sportsman’s Box (VIDEO)

The Christmas season is upon us, and as such, shopping is in full swing. Avoid the malls and holiday crowds by ordering subscription boxes for the hunter in your life. There are a number of monthly subscription boxes on the market geared specifically towards outdoors-people. Choose to send a single package or a recurring subscription. explores a couple of the best of these boxes this month to find out whether the contents are worth the price. We’re looking at cost of the box versus the retail price of the items received.

About The Sportsman’s Box

The Sportsman’s Box monthly service comes in three levels. Standard, which is what we’re checking out, is $49 per month, with discounts available for locking in for three, six, or 12 months. The company also offers both Denali and Denali Plus boxes, which are much larger (and pricier) and come either quarterly or annually.

Our fully-loaded Sportsmans Box, with a nice mix of items for the hunter. (Kristin Alberts/

Our Standard box measures 13 inches by 4 inches by 9.5 inches and is brown cardboard with the Sportsman’s Box “Get out There” logo. Our box shipped from Durham, North Carolina. Our communications with the company went through Adam Whitehead, CEO and Owner, who oversees operations and is clearly passionate about his business, the outdoors, and customer service.

Bang for Your Buck

Now, what we’ve all been waiting for — here’s what came in our September 2018 package:

  • Hybrid Headlamp: This is the anchor of the box, a headlamp with a small solar panel for charging that can also be quickly juiced with a micro USB. MSRP $24.95.
  • Seahorse 52 Micro Case: retailing online for $14. Who can’t use something impact resistant and waterproof for storing valuables when you’re in the field?
  • Summit 30-foot Rubber Wire: Summit’s regular online price is $6.99. This is a product new to us, and while not pricey, is certainly useable.
  • Summit Utility Hooks, three pack: Summit’s regular online price $6.99. Any treestand hunter will make use of these for hanging gear.
  • Catchin’ Deers Realtree Lid: The “Catchin Deers’” brand has become a cult-ish craze among younger hunters. Regardless, the hat is kinda cool. MSRP $25.

The Sportsman’s Box is the most professionally setup and packed of the subscription boxes we’ve experience. A glossy printed pamphlet details all the contents, and provided a wild game recipe and hunting tip, among other things.

The founders of The Sportsman’s Box with a freshly packed load of boxes, ready to ship. (Photo: The Sportsman’s Box)

Total retail value of the items in the box, per our own calculations equals $77.93. Though we didn’t find all the prices quite as high as those listed in the booklet, that’s a nice mix of gear for $49 or less. We’re pretty intrigued to see what might come in the Denali and Denali Plus boxes as well. The Sportsman’s Box has nice levels of pricing and gear for anyone on your shopping list.

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