Lone Wolf Distributors to release new products in 2019

Lone Wolf’s custom shop will now generate a one day turnaround on custom slide machining. (Photo: Lone Wolf Distributors)

Lone Wolf Distributors is slated to have a busy 2019, expanding its product lineup with new goodies for gun owners.

The company told Guns.com in an email that consumers can expect to see some new products on the horizon. First up, LWD says its Timber Wolf Large Frame will gain three more variants to be released just before SHOT Show in mid-January. The Gen. 3 and Gen. 4 convertible TWL frame dropped in October 2018, offering LWD fans a 10mm/45 ACP polymer frame based on the Glock platform.

In addition to the TWL frame, the manufacturer is also set to release its patented Gen. 3 and Gen. 4 9/40 Timber Wolf Full Frame for Glock 17 and 22 models as well as the Timber Wolf Compact frame for Glock 19 and 23 variants.

“Undeniably, these frames are the perfect replacement for your bulky factory frame or better yet, the best foundation to build your total custom, Glock compatible dream gun,” J.R. Shepard, CEO of Lone Wolf Distributors, told Guns.com.

The original Timber Wolf Large Frame will get a three more models in January. (Photo: Lone Wolf Distributors)

Frames aside, LWD will also add more stainless steel products to its inventory with new Billet extractors in addition to stainless and anodized accessories including magazine releases, mag wells and mag extensions. The company will also see new Glock barrel lengths, chameberings and conversions enter its field alongside other makes.

“Expect to also see additional offerings for manufactures like Colt, Beretta, Sig, Ruger, Browning and S&W,” Shepard said.

Known for some popping, unique slide designs, LWD won’t disappoint its color crazy fans in 2019. LWD slides are set to expand in a major with new slide lengths, slide cut patterns and slide finishes in Cerakote and PVD. Shepard said while the new designs will be fanciful and fun, there’s one in particular that is sure to grab attention.

“Although these new slide products are all well and good, the major new slide offering for 2019 is over the top!” Shepard commented. “It will be unveiled this January and showcased at SHOT. This new product is an awesome game changer for slide customization fans and exclusively limited (read trademarked) to LWD customers.”

While its new products will bring more options to consumers, LWD is also prepped to deliver a new service to customers who want that customized look in a timely fashion. In 2019, the company will offer a new Next Day service by which customers can receive custom slide machining without the wait.

“We already guarantee one week turn around and our guys are ready to step it up another notch,” Shepard shared. “This Next Day service is unheard of in our industry, many will say it is impossible. All I can say is, we spent most of 2018 practicing the principal and now that we are ready to launch, 2019 will be the proof. Our customers will be able to order a complete custom top end and get it shipped the next day.”

With big aspirations heading into the new year, LWD fans will surely keep an eye out for the maker’s latest and greatest.

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