Trying out the CMMG Banshee in 5.7 against steel, iron, water and wood (VIDEO)

As the 5.7x28mm round is known for its penetration ability when stacked up against rounds of similar size, it is interesting to see just what kind of barriers they can zip through at close range.

To satisfy that curiosity, trick shot expert 22Plinkster tries his 5.7 CMMG Banshee against an iron skillet, steel plate, spare chunks of lumber, bullet resistant polycarbonate glass and a bucket of water.

For those interested, his Banshee, named “Sleeping beauty” in a nod to its white factory cerekote job, includes a pistol brace, SiCo Sparrow can, Crimson Trace light/laser, and an EoTech green reticle sight with a 3x magnifier.

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