Magpul adds M-LOK Dovetail Adapter to accessory lineup (VIDEO)

Magpul introduces a new accessory into its inventory, releasing the M-LOK Dovetail Adapter 2-Slot, 4-Slot and Pro Chassis Full Rail for RRS/ARCA interfaces.

The Dovetail Adapter features a precision machined aluminum build topped with a corrosion-resistant Mil-Spec hard anodized finish. The unit is M-LOK compatible, directly mounting to M-LOK handguards.

Compatible with RRS Dovetail Standard accessories, the Dovetail Adapter features multiple drilled stop locations to prevent over-travel, according to Magpul. The adapter also uses snag-resistant beveled edges for a comfortable and functional aesthetic. The Dovetail Adapter enjoys the added benefit of recoil mitigation lugs, according to Magpul.

The Dovetail Adapter is M-LOK compatible. (Photo: Magpul)

“The optimally-placed recoil/impact mitigation lugs ensure the M-LOK Dovetail Adapter remains securely in place throughout the most rugged use and heaviest recoil impulses, making the M-LOK Dovetail Adapter a rugged, repeatable and precise mounting solution,” the company said in a news release. “In addition, the rear of the 4 Slot and the Pro Chassis Full Rail Dovetail Adapters also include a hardware access point that allows easy removal of the front action screw on a rifle mounted to a Magpul Pro 700 chassis, mitigating the need to remove the Dovetail Adapter from the chassis.”

The 2-Slot Dovetail Adapter retails for $44.95 while the 4-Slot comes in at $59.95 and the Pro Chassis Full Rail is priced at $74.95.

The design avoid sharp edges, instead opting for a beveled style that is snag-free. (Photo: Magpul)

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