African poachers use homemade guns that define 'unsafe' (VIDEO)

Want to see some confiscated homemade poachers’ guns from Zimbabwe? Ian McCollum with Forgotten Weapons had the chance recently to stop in at Hire Arms in Johannesburg and found a pair of devices that could be described as “firearm-like” in their collection.

Described in the above video, they have to be seen to be believed.

In Nigeria, such homemade smokepoles are referred to as “Dane guns” after colonial trade pieces and game reserve rangers have confiscated hundreds over the years made by local poachers. One such article references guns “held together with rusted wire and one with a shoulder strap fashioned from faded blue shoelaces.”

If this has you interested in other primitive poaching pieces from Africa here are some more.

This is reported to be an African rhino poacher’s suppressed revolver that looks like it is made from an Erector set. Dig that forward handgrip.

While this SKS with the aftermarket pistol grip and dufflebag strap sling was taken from a suspected giraffe poacher arrested in Wajir by Kenyan authorities last year.

Meanwhile, don’t forget this well-used Kalash taken off a poacher in 2016 which reportedly still worked:

(Photo: Underground Armory)

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