A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League raises funds for childhood cancer foundation

The Unstoppable AF shirt by A Girl & A Girl Women’s Shooting League is one of two designs that benefits childhood cancer research. (Photo: AG&AG)

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League raises funds for childhood cancer non-profit, Cooper Trooper Foundation, through the sale of two shirts to help fund research and help families impacted by childhood cancer.

The shooting league offers the Unstoppable AF shirt as well as the Childhood Cancer Awareness shirt, sold through its site. A portion of the proceeds go towards the Cooper Trooper Foundation. To date, A Girl & A Gun has raised $150 for the organization.

The Childhood Cancer Awareness shirt (Photo: AG&AG)

“So many children suffer because of a delayed diagnosis,” AG & AG Executive Director Robyn Sandoval said in a news release. “Through our network of women, we can educate families about the symptoms of pediatric brain cancer so that children can get earlier intervention and have better outcomes.”

Sandoval understands the struggles and impact childhood cancer has on patients and their families, with her own daughter currently battling brain cancer. Sandoval said the mission of the shooting league has always been centered on giving back and promoting awareness of several causes.

“AG & AG is making an impact by raising awareness of charities like the Cooper Trooper Foundation that are working to improve the lives of the fighters and fund research for a cure.”

To contribute to the campaign, head over to AG & AG’s website and grab one of the two t-shirts offered.

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