All-weather firearms that can handle snowy winter conditions

Don’t want to worry about the wet, cold, cruel conditions that can wreak havoc on the finish of a gun? Spend your hours by the fire shopping for an all-weather firearm that can handle the worst winter has to offer. has narrowed the search.

1. Henry All Weather

Boom. It’s right there in the name. Henry’s All Weather rifles are just that. The hard chrome plating covers all metal surfaces, while the hardwood furniture has a “durable, industrial-grade coating.” In a thoughtful move for hunters, Henry makes the hard chrome coating non-reflective so as not to spook the game. These lever guns are available in both .30-30 and .45-70.

2. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30

Ruger builds both the Mini-14 and Mini-30 Models in durable black synthetic and matte stainless. These semi-automatic, Garand-style actions have a track record of durability. Calibers are, of course, .223 and 7.62×39, respectively. Ruger’s pair of all weather minis will have Santa packing one of each aboard the sleigh in the next snow storm.

3. Weatherby Mark V

Think easy sub-MOA guarantee, mobile hunters’ rifles. These premium Weatherby Mark V bolt actions are available in multiple weather-resistant options with synthetic Monte Carlo camouflaged stocks in interesting patterns like First Lite, High Desert, and SubAlpine camo. Partner that with Cerakoted metalwork and you have an indestructible hunting companion. If those coatings don’t work for you, Weatherby’s standby Mark V Accumark with its fluted stainless barrel is a hardcore traditional option.

4. Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Long Range

Some all-weather guns are obviously built for work and not for looks; others, like the Hells Canyon Long Range, are the best of both worlds. The bolt action X-Bolt wears a fluted, heavy-contour barrel with all metalwork done in Burnt Bronze Cerakote. Add in the muzzle brake, adjustable trigger, and sweet A-TACS-AU camo, and you have a winner.

5. Mossberg 930 Snow Goose

The Mossberg Snow Goose shotgun is, hands down, the perfect shotgun for any snowman’s armament.  Is it because its white?  Sure, but also because it’s durable. The synthetic stock and Kryptek Yeti camo dip mean all surfaces are protected from the elements. This 28 inch barreled autoloader has an extended 13-round magazine tube that makes a serious statement, plus is great for its intended snow goose hunting purpose.

6. Marlin 1895 Modern Hunter

Straight from the workbenches of the Marlin Custom Shop comes the 1895 Modern Hunter. This six-shot, 18 inch-barreled .45-70 big bore thumper is ideal for close-quarters big game and hog slaying. The laminate painted stock with webbing and Cerakoted metalwork is durable in the worst weather conditions. With an action job, accurizing, and what the company calls a “happy trigger,” the Modern Hunter brings large-loop lever actions to a higher level.

7. Savage 110 Storm

Savage’s new lineup of AccuFit, AccuStock, Accutrigger rifles are simply amazing value on the price vs. performance continuum. Several of the models are weather-worthy, but the Storm is one of our favorites. The synthetic stock features both adjustable length-of-pull and comb. Matte stainless metalwork is stealthy and durable. Rubberized grip panels mean extra grip for hunters in muddy, wet, inclement conditions.

8. Dan Wesson 715 Pistol Pack

Stainless generally equates to all-weather. The new Dan Wesson 715 Pistol Pack goes one-up on the beloved set from decades ago, making them in durable stainless finish with three interchangeable .357 Magnum barrels in four-, six-, and eight-inch lengths in the Pack. A target trigger is icing on the cake for handgun hunters who thrive in tough conditions.

9. Traditions Outfitter G2

The no-frills, single shot Traditions Outfitter G2 is proof that durable, all-weather guns needn’t necessarily be expensive. These break-action rifles are chambered in a number of traditional, straight-walled offerings that appeal especially to hunters in areas with centerfire restrictions. Further, the guns are affordable, and with Lothar Walther Cerakoted barrels, accurate as well.

10. Smith & Wesson Victory

This relatively new line of S&W semi-automatic rimfire pistols goes all-weather with a stainless frame and removable, interchangeable match grade barrels. Textured grip panels offer plenty of hold in harsh conditions. Fiber optic front and rear sights make this a legit option for both plinking and small game hunting year round.

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