Dakota Tactical introduces new D54-N Core Classic pistol (VIDEO)

Michigan roller-locked firearm specialty maker Dakota Tactical on Wednesday announced their newest offering in the classic 9mm MP5 game.

The D54-N Core Classic 9mm pistol is made from a combination of U.S.-manufactured and a limited number of hand-picked surplus parts. The gun features a free-floating 16-flute cold hammer forged “Navy” 3-lug barrel made by RCM that runs 8.85-inches in length.

The DT D54N CC uses a mix of U.S.-made parts with some surplus MP5 parts (Photo: DT)

Using a SEF Navy-style semi-auto trigger group inside a traditional wide MP5 polymer handguard, the RCM bolt group is sear-ready. Sights are the standard rotary drum rear and hooded front post and the gun is finished in HK Black Duracoat. A top Pic rail is optional.

The gun ships with a pair of KCI steel 30-round mags and a padded black tactical soft case.

MSRP is $2,699, while the surplus parts last, with delivery about 10 weeks after orders are placed.

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