Dancing FBI agent who shot bar-goer after back-flip won't do jail time (VIDEO)

The former federal agent who made headlines after wounding a fellow bar-goer in a viral video has entered a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Chase Bishop, 30, who is no longer an FBI agent, was sentenced last week to 24 months of supervised probation after pleading guilty to third-degree assault. The former lawman accidentally shot a man in the leg at a Denver bar last summer.

β€œWe believe that this agreement strikes an appropriate balance of seeking justice for the victim and ensuring that this type of incident does not happen again,” said Denver District Attorney Beth McCann in a statement.

In a video from the scene of the shooting supplied to Denver 7, Bishop is shown recovering from a dance move before he reaches for the pistol on the floor, apparently firing the gun in the process. He then stands, inserts the handgun inside his waistband in the area of the small of his back, and walks into the crowd waving his hands.

Bystander Tom Reddington, 24, was left shot in the leg and reportedly suffered permanent injury.

β€œMy whole goal in life is to care, protect and serve people,” Bishop told the court last week. β€œI never expected the result of my actions to lead to something like this.”

As part of his plea agreement, Bishop, who was assigned to Washington, D.C. and was visiting the state at the time of the shooting, can serve his probation outside of Colorado.

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