Strike Industries releases competition style Ichiro Holster Hanger

The Ichiro Holster Hanger gives competition shooters a wider range of options. (Photo: Strike Industries)

Strike Industries teams up with competition shooter Ichiro Nagata to craft new competition gear dubbed the Ichiro Holster Hanger.

The Ichiro Hanger Holster is a mounting system that permits shooters to make adjustments to the position of the handgun. The setup allows the shooter’s pistol to exist at any angle and axis. Strike Industries notes that in competition, milliseconds often make or break a win or loss, and the Ichiro Hanger Holster aims to better help competition shooters achieve their preferred and most efficient setup for their shooting style.

The mounting system allow the holster to be positioned and angled precisely where shooters need it. (Photo: Strike Industries)

“In the all-out drag race that is the Steel Challenge, speed is the ultimate goal, where a fast draw is critical for success,” Strike Industries said in a statement on its site. “As Ichiro was examining the best holster for this event, and many holsters have satisfactory aspects, he found that the hanger systems often left something to be desired. So, Ichiro created his own. Taking his new hanger design, Ichiro has gone on to win the Super Senior Champion titles for five consecutive years.”

The Ichiro Holster Hanger does not come with an actual holster but instead pairs with Safariland 014 and Double Alpha Race Master holsters. The system does include a Bladetech Tek-Lok belt clip, hander, coupler, holster adapters and pressure pad.

The Ichiro Holster Hander can be nabbed from Strike Industries with a MSRP of $99.95.

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