Thoughts on the art of getting a fast magazine exchange in your pistol (VIDEO)

12/28/18 7:00 AM | by

Thoughts on the art of getting a fast magazine exchange in your pistol (VIDEO)

The fundamentals of the slide lock reload, as detailed by a former Army special ops member and firearms trainer.

In the above spot by SureFire, Larry Vickers with Vickers Tactical holds class in a short 4~ minute segment on the emergency reload situation where a mag is dry and the pistol’s slide is locked open. He covers the basics of indexing the mags to the magwell and hand/eye positioning in the process as well as the options for getting the gun back into battery.

Warning to those fast to comment: Vickers digs the use of his off hand to push the slide stop lever while others preach the use of a slingshot technique to release the slide arguing gross vs fine motor skills, so of course, your mileage may vary.

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