Gear Review: Tactical To Go case for range day (VIDEO)

When I go to the range I usually have to bring a lot of gear. The average range session typically requires a few guns, ammo, of course, and supporting equipment such as a shot timer, targets, mags, etc. The Tactical To Go case allows me to organize all this gear and transport it safely.

A Tactical To Go case is a large Plano plastic case with a laser cut foam insert. The foam cut outs will fit 16-inch barreled AR15’s, magazines, pistols, and a spot for some general equipment. The case has wheels so it can be pulled easily. The lid has 4 latches to secure it and holes to put on a pad lock. You can purchase a Tactical To Go case in double rifle or single rifle format. Price point for a double rifle is $190 and the single rifle is $170.

I have been using a double rifle Tactical To Go case for the last year and a half. I have dragged it to every range session and all over the country. It has kept all my gear protected, secure, and organized. The case still functions like the day I received it. It is a very simple and rugged design that will serve you well particularly if you are tired of just throwing all your stuff loose in the trunk of your car.

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