Magnum Research releases .500 Linebaugh BFR big bore revolver

The BFR now comes in .500 Linebaugh. (Photo: Magnum Research)

Magnum Research bolsters its revolver offerings in the new year, adding the Biggest Finest Revolver in .500 Linebaugh to its inventory.

The big bore revolver comes in four models — a standard model with either a 7.5-inch or 5.5-inch barrel and a model offering Bisley grips with barrel sizes in either 7.5-inch or 5.5-inches.

Created in the mid-1980s by John Linebaugh, the .500 Linebaugh is considered the largest production handgun caliber. The .500 Linebaugh features a bullet diameter of .510-inches.

Magnum Research offers two models with options on barrel sizes. (Photo: Magnum Research)

“While a few companies offer the .500 Linebaugh as a full custom piece, Magnum Research is the only one to offer this caliber in a production revolver,” Magnum Research said in a news release. “The .500 Linebaugh has a bullet diameter of .510″ as compared to only .500-inches for other .50 caliber rounds, excluding the .50 BMG.”

The standard model BFR is priced at $1,399 while the Bisley grip equipped models start at $1,482. The BFR can be nabbed through local firearms dealers.

The textured grip BFR. (Photo: Magnum Research)

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