Raven Concealment Systems opens pre-orders for Glock 48 holsters

Raven Concealment Systems announced new offerings for the recently released Glock 48. (Photo: Raven Concealment Systems)

Raven Concealment Systems announced that pre-orders for several of its holster models outfitted for the Glock 48 are currently underway.

The holster maker announced that it will soon offer its Perun, Morrigan and Vanguard 2 holsters for Glocks latest slimline pistol, the 48. Raven Concealment Systems offers two packages for consumers. The first is for just the company’s flagship holster the Perun, an outside-the-waistband rig for the Glock 48. The Perun package is priced just under $40 with a $7 flat shipping rate.

The Perun from RCS. (Photo: Raven Concealment Systems)

The second option comes by way of a three-pack of holsters. Consumers will get the OWB Perun, IW Morrigan and AIWB VanGuard 2. The Glock 48 bundle delivers more options for Glock 48 users, offering the biggest bang for the buck. The Raven Concealment Systems Glock 48 bundle is priced at $99 and includes free shipping.

Raven Concealment Systems says the Glock holsters are set to ship Feb. 1 with pre-orders closing out on Jan. 11 at 5 p.m. EST.

The holsters look to help upcoming Glock 48 consumers achieve concealment. (Photo: Raven Concealment Systems)

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