Trijicon adds news Fiber Sights to iron sight lineup

Trijicon releases a new series into its iron sights lineup, unveiling the Fiber Sights. (Photo: Trijicon)

Trijicon Inc. bolsters its iron sight series, adding a new line to the mix with the introduction of Trijicon Fiber Sights.

The Fiber Sights utilize fiber optic material similar to what is featured in the ACOG design, bringing a “brilliant aiming point” to the sights while maintaining sight picture. Trijicon says its front sight is highly visible while the rear sight offers a more subdued style to better aid in front sight acquisition.

The Fiber Sights feature a red or green front post. (Photos: Trijicon)

The Trijicon Fiber Sights deliver a thin, bright front sight measuring .110-inches wide with .060-inches in diameter. The sights adopt this design to eliminate target obfuscation in addition to bringing focus to the front sight post. The rear sight and front sight work together to offer a square rear notch measuring .125-inches wide. The rear sight also boasts rounded edges for easier carrying.

“The Trijicon Fiber Sights are designed to withstand daily pistol use. Using advanced fiber optic material and decades of iron sight development, Trijicon has engineered the Trijicon Fiber Sights to feature geometries that promote fiber retention under stress so that end users can be confident that these sights will endure rigorous shooting, holstering and tough handling,” Trijicon said in a news release. “Whether carrying or competing, these bright, thin sights create the perfect aiming point for fast, accurate rounds on target.”

The Trijicon Fiber Sights come with a brilliant red fiber installed in the front with one red and one green replacement fibers in the included package. Fiber replacement packs are also available for purchase from Trijicon.

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