1791 Gunleather strengthens holster offerings with new Kydex models

The 1791 Tactical IWB Kydex holster brings a rigid structure to the leather holster maker’s lineup. (Photo: 1791 Gunleather)

1791 Gunleather, best known for its selection of leather-styled holsters, is breaking into the Kydex market, launching the new 1791 Tactical IWB Kydex holsters.

The inside-the-waistband holster is constructed from 0.080-inches Kydex 100 that is heated and then molded to an exact replica of each of the offered firearm models. The company says this process ensures a correct fit and precise retention. The holster provides a positive and audible click when the gun is seated into the holster and is an “easy-on, easy-off” design.

The 1791 Tactical IWB Kydex holster features an adjustable cant ranging from 0 to 15-degrees, allowing users to fine-tune their concealment. The holster, according to the company, can be worn in either the strong-side, IWB position or in the appendix position. A concealment wing is also secured to the holster, helping to angle the grip into the body for better concealment and less printing. The rig also sports a sweat-shield and stainless steel hardware to resist corrosion.

Made in the U.S., the 1791 Tactical IWB Kydex is outfitted with an RMR/optic cut for pistol optics as well as an enlarged opening for easier re-holstering.

1791 Gunleather realizes some consumers might be scratching their heads in confusion over the move to Kydex but the company says it’s a natural evolution in offering its consumers more options.

“Why would a leather holster company known for handcrafting beautiful steerhide delve into the world of Kydex?” 1791 Gunleather CEO Ramiro M. Romani said in a news release. “Because we don’t think you should carry with a holster that’s less than optimal, and we knew we could offer Kydex fans a better all-around holster. 1791 Tactical IWB holsters solve the performance limitations commonly found in traditional Kydex holsters. Retention, concealability, wear and tear on your gun, and everyday comfort are addressed in our thoughtful design and meticulous manufacturing process.”

The holster is available for popular pistol models included CZ, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, and virtually all 1911s without a Picatinny rail. The 1791 Tactical IWB Kydex retails for $64.99.

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