Meprolight USA announces augmented weapon sight, Mepro Foresight

Meprolight will showcase the Mepro Foresight at SHOT Show. (Photo: Meprolight USA)

Meprolight USA unveils a new weapon sight, the Mepro Foresight, that serves up tactical data on the transparent optical lens.

The augmented weapon sight offers real-time data to shooters including battery level, sensor data, Bluetooth connectivity and, eventually, a shot counter. Boasting five preset reticles and 10 digital zeroing profiles or user profiles, the Mepro Foresight introduces a built-in compass in addition to an inside leveler. Equipped with a built-in sensor, the Mepro Foresight delivers automatic brightness adjustment to users.

The Mepro Foresight comes with five preset reticles. (Photo: Meprolight USA)

Users can update profiles via Bluetooth on the Meprolight’s mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices. The Mepro Foresight brings an overall dimension of 4.6-inches by 2.35-inches by 2.65-inches and weight of 9.9-ounces.

“The Mepro Foresight is a game changer when it comes to optic solutions for the tactical or sport shooter,” Meprolight USA said in a news release. The Mepro Foresight will appear at SHOT Show but won’t be available until April 2019. No word yet on pricing.

The sight incorporates Bluetooth to connect to smart devices. (Photo: Meprolight USA)

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