Springfield Armory grows AR line with new Saint Victor series (VIDEO)

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Springfield Armory grows AR line with new Saint Victor series (VIDEO)

With five variants ranging from a factory SBR to a California-compliant model, SA’s Victor line of ARs is new for 2019.

Billed as being “purpose-built defensive firearms with enhanced components selected for rugged reliability,” the Saint Victor line includes mid-length rifle, braced pistol, and SBR configurations announced this week.

In the rifle category, the 5.56mm Victors come standard with a 15-inch free floating M-LOK handguard with a full-length “interrupted” rail over a 16-inch CMV barrel, nickel boron single-stage flat trigger, flip-up irons, QD sling mounts, and a muzzle brake.

The standard Saint Victor rifle comes with a Magpul 30-round magazine, a Bravo Company MOD 3 pistol grip and 6-position stock with an MSRP of $1,073. Weight is about 6.5-pounds. (Photos: SA)

The California model, which runs the same price, has a Strike Industries paddle style grip to comply with state law and a fixed buttstock. As such, it weighs about a half-pound more. It ships with a 10-Round Magpul Gen M3 mag.

The Victor pistol series, which unlike the rifles is available in both 5.56 and .300 Blackout, have a free-floating M-LOK handguard with an “interrupted” rail and forward hand stop over a 7.5-inch barrel (9-inch in the Blackout). They come standard with a Bravo Company MOD 3 pistol grip and SB Tactical SBX-K brace. Overall length is 26.5- to 27.75-inches with the 5.56mm being slightly shorter. MSRP is $1,015.

The 5.56mm variant has a muzzle-mounted blast diverter…

… while the .300BLK runs an A-2 flash hider as a muzzle device.

Optimized for close quarters engagements, the 5.56mm SBR variant features an 11.5-inch barrel, M-LOK handguard with a hand stop while keeping an overall length of 27.5-inches.

MSRP is $1,073, plus NFA requirements.

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