P80 unveils new pistol and conversion kit at SHOT Show (VIDEO)

Polymer 80 Inc. showed up to SHOT Show 2019 with a few new innovative products. The company released their first ever full pistol kit complete with slide. The PF45 pistol will ship with the standard P80 80% lower but it will also include the slide, a departure from what the company has done in the past. Fans of the P80 ergonomics will be pleased to see that nothing has changed there, while the slide has aggressive slide serrations on both the front and rear. Expect to see this rolled out throughout the year from P80 in colors black, flat dark earth, olive green drab, grey, and cobalt.

While this pistol and new trigger kits the company were great the thing that really got eyes popping was the Kidon. “This is a product we’re bringing in from Isreal, in partnership with IMI Defense, this is a pistol conversion kit,” said David Borges, the Founder and CEO of P80. The model they had at the show was tricked out with some sexy Strike Industries furniture, including arm brace, foregrip, and magwell. But the beauty of this conversion kit is it’s versatility. Besides being able to attach whatever furniture you want you’ll also have a wide variety of pistols to choose from.

“Unlike the Roni and competing products this kit will allow you to put over 120 pistol frames in it through the use of an adapter plate,” said Borges. Expect to see the Kidon on sale from P80 this year.

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