CMMG revamps Banshee lineup, adds innovative stock and brace (VIDEO)

CMMG, Inc. came to SHOT Show 2019 with not just a single new firearm but an entire lineup revamped. The Banshee series now refers to all of their pistols and SBR’s. They range from the 100 series on the low end of the platform to the 300 series on the high end. The newest model this year was the 5.7x28mm which they displayed on full auto at range day. It features a 5-inch barrel and weighs in at only 4lbs 10oz – unloaded. The other thing the 300 Banshee will come with is one of the new rip brace or rip stocks from the company.

Fast back technology is what is making the brace and stock design so unique. The user is able to pull back on the stock fast to deploy without ever having to depress a button. The patent-pending stock also feature a P3 set screw which will allow the user to set a preset length of pull. This allows a quick and easy pullback to the exact spot its comfortable for the shooter every time.

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