IFC debuts the innovative Strasser Evolution rifle (VIDEO)

International Firearms Corporation, the boutique importer based out of Oklahoma City, showed up to SHOW Show sporting an innovative new hunting rifle from Strasser of Austria. The Evolution is designed to be a hunting rifle that can easily change caliber or take down in a matter of minutes. Perhaps the most innovative part of the rifle is that all the tools to take down the rifle are actually stored within the rifle itself. This should allow for easy on the go storage or cleaning.

The rifle features an adjustable cheek piece, a really fast straight bolt, and over 20 different caliber combinations, which as you can see can be switched very easily. A lever on the back on the tang allows you to quickly remove the trigger group. The trigger can be set at three different weights, from 2lbs to 5lbs. The rifle also features a set trigger which can be set to 2.5oz. The Evolution will be available in two different models, a traditional walnut and a laminated grey and starting MSRP will be $3,400.

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