Gallery: The action hero mannequins of SHOT Show

Across acres of exhibit space at the 2019 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show, you are bound to bump into a few dummies.

With some 1,600 exhibitors on the main exhibit floors and more than 2,400 total when you include the new Supplier Showcase and Pop-Up Preview areas set up by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a common theme across many of the SHOT Show booths are a wide variety of mannequins to show off guns, gear, and wearables with the blankness of an unemotional gaze.

These are some that caught our attention in the 12.5-miles of aisles.

Beretta set the mannequin bar high with an Italian military vegetata-style camo. Beretta has supplied AR70/90s to the Italian Army since 1992 and started deliveries of the more advanced ARX160 in 2007. Both are in 5.56mm (Photos: staff)

You know he’s legit because he has an operator beard AND a shemagh

…used as advertising bullet resistance screens

Jody is a SHOT Show regular

Nice try, ISIS

NVGs abound on the mannequin squad

As do gas masks

And riot gear

And fight gear

And, you know, safety gear

Live action dummies are kinda cool

However, this is *not* how a leg bends. Well, more than once, anyway

The Petzl man gets an honorable mention

Then, although not mannequins per se, there were tons of 3D targets that had a certain vacuousness to them.

This guy is just asking for it, man

SHOT Show runs through Friday.

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