Glockstore's bigger booth and new products at SHOT Show 2019 (VIDEO)

The Glockstore had a bigger, better booth at SHOT Show 2019. It was the first year it was located in the basement instead of on the main floor. According to Lenny Magill, the president of the Glockstore, the basement is where “the action is at.”

He may be right because his booth was a flurry of excitement. Magill enthusiastically showed us some of the new and popular products available at the Glockstore.

At the top of the list was the GSX100 frame. Magill told that is the perfect solution to a worn out Glock 19, or to make a brand new gun. The GSX100 is 100 percent Glock compatible frame that is fully serialized and is sold through FFL dealers. Glock 19 internals and slide assemblies combine with Glock 17 magazines to make a full-size gun. The GSX100 is made of a glass-filled polymer. An 80 percent frame will be available later in 2019.

The SS80 80 percent frame is still available and has proven to be a very successful product at the Glockstore.

Magill showed off a variety of custom Glock designs, for which the Glockstore is well known. New colors and finishes are available, as well as 3D metal stippling. This allows for a custom textured finish on metal surfaces that can be cerakoted with different colors.

RMR sights on handguns is all the craze these days. Magill highly recommends adding an RMR, which stands for Ruggedized Miniature Reflex, to your handgun. He says it greatly improves your accuracy and speed of target acquisition.

Lastly, Magill reminds us that the Glockstore will be opening up a brand new store in Nashville later in 2019.

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