L.A.G. Tactical releases new AIWB holster at SHOT Show

L.A.G. Tactical introduced its new Appendix MKII at SHOT Show 2019. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

Holster maker L.A.G. Tactical delivers a new appendix holster line to consumers, offering more versatility and options.

The Appendix MKII holster new for 2019 and aims to reconcile concealed carry with a red dot. The AIWB holster features a rigid, molded design that is compatible with current red dots on the market. To better help users conceal, L.A.G. Tactical adds a claw with two different heights so users can fine-tune their set-up to better work for their individual preferences.

The holster offers belt clip or loops options. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

The claw itself works to bring the grip of the carry gun into the body, eliminating printing. Taking the AIWB design even further, the rig sports a wedge on the back to, again, angle the gun so it does not print. L.A.G. Tactical rounds out the holster’s features with adjustable retention.

L.A.G Tactical said it wanted to bring another option to AIWB carriers sporting red dots as the two subsets seem to see more and more growth.

The holster features a claw that helps angle the grip of the gun inward to reduce printing. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

“(AIWB) seems like a huge uptrend along with the red dot. People are all about it,” Evan Prive-Shereck of L.A.G. Tactical told Guns.com. “We’re designing a lot of our new products to be compatible with all red dots.”

The holster will work alongside soft loops and clip options for mounting to the belt line inside the waistband.

The wedge on the rear. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

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