StealthGear USA serves up new SG-X Modular Holster System

StealthGear USA’s booth at 2019 SHOT Show. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

StealthGear USA brings its latest innovation to the holster market, debuting the SG-X Modular Holster System to attendees at SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

The SG-X Modular Holster is an all-polymer, non-collapsible holster that functions as either an inside-the-waistband in addition to working on the company’s chest or drop-leg holsters. The holster comes standard to run with RMRs, suppressor sights and threaded barrels. Available in IWB Only or IWB/OWB, the holster boasts a 0.093-inch polymer body with a low, mid or high sweat guard.

SG-X Holster from StealthGear USA. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Rear side of the holster as well as the Drop-Leg holster. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

The SG-X can be work either in the appendix or strongside positions with adjustable cant. The OWB system offers compatibility with SafariLand’s ELS with an ELS fork attachment able to mount to the holster’s blister. This permits the holster to lock into an ELS receiving plate.

Alongside the SG-X itself, SGUSA launched is chest holster and drop leg platform, both of which run alongside the SG-X. The Ventcore equipped Chest Holster brings a lightweight, breathable chest carry solution to gun owners. Colored in FDE, the chest rig is fully adjustable for a perfect fit.

The Chest Holster uses the Ventcore design. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Rounding out the new products, the Drop-Leg Holster brings another Ventcore option to consumers. The drop-leg holster provides a 2-inch single-strap option with side-release buckle in multiple color options. The system comes with an optional belt loop attachment to easily remove the holster shelly from the drop-leg and mount it on a belt.

The whole system together — holster, chest rig and drop-leg — retails for $ 135. Piece by piece, the SG-X holster comes in at $34.95, the Chest Holster is priced at $99 and the Drop-Leg is $99.95. The system is set to ship in March 2019.

The Chest Holster with SG-X. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

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