V Seven Weapon Systems develops new division, rifles for women

LV Seven looks to corner the women’s rifle market with lightweight and colorful designs. (Photo: LV Seven)

V Seven Weapons Systems announced a new division of its company focused exclusively on the female market, launching the LV Seven brand.

LV Seven looks to bring shooting options to women and younger, female audiences through lightweight rifles. LV Seven’s first offerings include rifles chambered in 5.56/.223, .224 Valkyrie and .300 BLK in four different configurations. The company says more calibers and configurations are in the works.

The current rifle models include bird-inspired names like the Hummingbird, Swan, Quail, and Nightingale. Each rifle boasts a slightly different design and color. The Hummingbird and Swan both feature a 16-inch barreled 5.56 design while the Quail brings an 18-inch .224 Valkyrie setup. The Nightingale is the .300 Blackout option with a 16-inch barrel.

Clockwise from top: The Nightingale, Swan, Hummingbird and Quail models. (Photo: LV Seven)

“V Seven Weapon Systems introduces a new company division focused towards women and young female shooters,” V Seven Weapon Systems said in a news release. “The new company, named LV Seven, debuts with its own website lvsevenweapons.com. The website features the new emerging line of rifles, each designed to be visually appealing, lightweight, and more comfortable to handle.”

The current offerings range in price from $2,179 for the Nightingale up to $2,559 for the Quail.

(Photo: LV Seven)

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