PTR goes ‘kurz’ with a U.S.-made shorty 9KT roller-locked pistol (PHOTOS)

01/30/19 9:30 AM | by

PTR goes 'kurz' with a U.S.-made shorty 9KT roller-locked pistol (PHOTOS)

PTR’s new 9KT MP5K clone was up front and center in Las Vegas last week. (Photos: Chris Eger/

South Carolina-based PTR has continued to expand their MP5-style offerings by introducing the very handy 9KT this month, which they made sure to bring to SHOT Show.

The American-manufactured semi-auto pistol is an NFA-compliant version of the classic HK MP5K (Kurz = short), a storied SMG that was a favorite of various international balaclava-clad SF types in the 1990s. Announced just prior to SHOT, the P5K runs just 13.38-inches overall, largely due to the 5.16-inch, three-lug barrel.

The barrel includes 1/2x28TPI threads surrounded by a brief but M-LOK compatible aluminum handguard with attached finger guard

Note the paddle-style and push-button mag release and traditional HK-style sights. The end cap has a QD sling mount and stock adapter for those looking to fill out a Form 1. PTR says they also have NFA-registered full-auto sear packs ready for those interested, POR.

The logic of dropping the new 9KT on the commercial market is sound as the company was tapped last year to produce a Sub Compact Weapon as part of an Army tender for sub guns to replace aging MP5s used by the military’s personal protection details.

The price point on the 9KT is $1,899, which is about $700 smackers less than HK’s German-made SP5K that was introduced in 2016 and is on par with Zenith’s Turkish (MKE) produced Z-5K.

It is shipping now.

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