Pincus sightings 2019: SHOT Show edition

Professional shooting instructor, businessman and entrepreneur Rob Pincus made the rounds during SHOT Show in Las Vegas last week. Dressed in the very best in men’s fashion, Pincus met with the who’s who of the gun world and networked among those making the latest and greatest in firearm technology. No doubt shooters and fans stopped the well-groomed fashionista for a photograph or two, but Pincus was such a good sport, we thought we’d do one better.

The green tie was sure to cause a stir. (Photo:

Whether in front of the camera or behind, the seasoned instructor is ready. (Photo:

Pincus cranking it up to 11. One lucky man is on the receiving end of that intense gaze. (Photo:

Ok. This one is a little voyeuristic. But is that a suede jacket? (Photo:

Pincus with his signature PD10 pistol. (Photo:

Pincus, always a good sport. (Photo:

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