The Advanced Combined Sighting System from Primary Arms (VIDEO)

The Primary Arms “Advanced Combined Sighting System” or “ACSS” is a diverse line of reticles that are optimized for a variety of calibers and optics. The goal of the ACSS is to be quick and easy to use. These reticles will give the shooter the ability to range, holds, and lead a target.

The horseshoe and chevron are two visual components that you will typically see in an ACSS reticle. The chevron gives a very precise aiming point that does not obscure the target. It also can be used for “bullet drop compensation” (BDC) by using different indexing points on the reticle. The horseshoe will provide leads for wind and moving targets. The chevron combined with the horseshoe makes quick work of closer targets.

I have been using a couple different ACSS reticles on my guns. I have been thoroughly impressed on their ease of use and the accuracy of the bullet compensation out at extended distances. If you have specific caliber that you would like to use in conjunction with a BDC reticle than ACSS is probably the route to take.

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