A Girl and A Gun releases training program in the form of a Shooting Journal

A Girl and A Gun brings a new Shooting Journal to women interested in taking their training to a new level. (Photo: A Girl and A Gun)

A Girl and A Gun brings a new training program to women looking to elevate their dry-fire and range time by introducing the AG & AG Shooting Journal. The 206-page Shooting Journal offers planned drills, guided discussions and tips and tricks for goal setting, organization and training. The use of a journal to keep track of performance as well as guide future training sessions is common among marksmen. For those antsy about creating their own version, AG & AG said they have women covered.

The Shooting Journal features guided discussions and activities. (Photo: A Girl and A Gun)

“The secret to advanced shooting is mastering the fundamentals,” says Tatiana Whitlock, Director of Training for AG & AG. “The Shooting Journal includes 12 months of discussions, drills, targets, and articles to help any shooter closely examine and refine her shooting techniques.” To ensure that training is meaningful and effective, all dry-fire drills are paired with reinforcing live-fire drills that validate the dry-fire practice.”

The Shooting Journal also includes themed worksheets to encourage women to grow on an emotional level as well as a shooting level. The Shooting Journal is available as a free download for AG & AG members. Non-members looking to snag a copy will need to join the organization first.

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