Montana Outdoor Group gobbles up Montana Rifle Company

The Montana Rifle Company is now under the Montana Outdoor Group umbrella. (Photo: Montana Rifle Company)

Montana Outdoor Group announced it has recently acquired the Montana Rifle Company, maker of custom actions. The move happened in July 2018 with the formal announcement made in January.

Montana Outdoor Group said new changes began immediately after acquisition with the investor group reviving the manufacturing facility and increasing production capabilities. The facility now offers new machinery and CNC machines as well as new employees designed to increase productivity. This change has also allowed Montana Rifle Company to add a new department — the Montana Custom Barrel Division.

The Model 1999 custom action. (Photo: Montana Rifle Company)

“With the acquisition, machinery and key personnel in place, we have established the Montana Custom Barrel Division and are actively producing barrel blanks for key industry partners,” CEO Ron Petty said in a news release.

The company currently offers custom actions like the Model 1999 which blends attributes of the M70 Winchester with the Mauser. The action uses the Winchester’s 3-position safety and adjustable trigger alongside the Mauser’s controlled feed extractor. The company says this style is preferred among custom gunsmiths and comes as an “action only” in short, long and PH variants. The action works with calibers .222 through 505 Gibbs with over 70 calibers for barreled actions.

The company also boasts custom rifles with Chromoly Blue, Stainless, wood and synthetic stocks in a range of calibers.

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