Tasmanian Tiger develops new modular pistol bag

02/4/19 7:00 AM | by

The TT Modular Pistol Bag is loaded with MOLLE laser cuts on the exterior and interior. (Photo: Tasmanian Tiger)

Tasmanian Tiger brings a new set of tactical nylon pistol bags to consumers looking for a modular design that can stock multiple firearms. The TT Modular Pistol Bag is capable of securing two to three pistols using hook-and-loop or MOLLE, depending on the specific configuration users require.

The inside of the bag is fully padded to protect guns and gear while also providing a spacious enough interior to pack a laptop or other gear. The TT Modular Pistol Bag also sports several modular detachable mag loops and a detachable nylon holster. The pistol bag opts for YKK zippers to keep everything secure while on the move.

The bags come in tan, black, or olive, pictured above. (Photo: Tasmanian Tiger)

The exterior of the TT Modular Pistol Bag uses MOLLE for users to deck out the outside of the bag with accessories or pouches. The exterior also boasts an accessible pocket that can cart documents or other papers. The bag comes with attachment handles and a shoulder strap. The bag tops out its offerings with two detachable bore snake pouches on the interior with labels to allow for quick identification.

Available in olive, coyote or black, the TT Modular Pistol Bag retails for $149.

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