Aguila Ammunition announces bulk 5.56 rifle ammo

Aguila brings 300 rounds of 5.56x45mm boxed and ready to go. (Photo: Aguila Ammunition)

Aguila Ammunition is answering the needs of bulk ammo users, releasing bulk packaging for its 55-grain 5.56 rounds.

The 5.56×45 Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail now ships in 300-round bulk boxes bringing 3.56-grams of 55-grain ammo to those that power through rounds downrange. Despite the 300-round box, Aguila Ammunition said it will continue to bring its 50-round box configuration to market packing 62-grain 5.56×45 rounds. The ammunition is designed for long-range shooters, delivering a velocity of 3,260 feet-per-second out of 24-inch barrels, according to the company.

John Domolky, Director of Sales for TxAT, explained that the bulk offerings look to corner gun owners looking for convenience. “If there is a way to meet the needs of our customers, we try to do exactly that,” he said in a press release. “For active shooters especially, it’s important to stock up on ammunition. Buying in bulk tends to be more convenient.”

He added, “Right now, you can expect to find our bulk packaging at Academy, Brownell’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Turner’s Outdoorsman, Atwood’s Farm & Ranch, Midway USA and many other retailers that carry the Aguila Ammunition product line,” continues Domolky. “We plan to expand the bulk packaging to other products in the near future.”

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