Walther welcomes Competition C1 Holster for Q5 Match Steel Frame pistol

The Q5 Match Steel Frame nestled inside the Walther Competition C1 Holster. (Photo: Walther Arms)

Walther introduces a new holster system specifically designed for its latest pistol, the Q5 Match Steel Frame. The Walther Competition C1 Holster features a black Kydex design created to work within the confines of IDPA, USPSA, IPSC and 3-Gun competitions. The holster boasts an adjustable thumb screw in addition to a “custom fit feel.” The company says the holster’s construction lends itself to a fast draw all while maintaining solid retention on the Q5 when it’s holstered.

“We knew how important a high-quality competition holster is for a firearm like the Q5 Match Steel Frame, so it was a no-brainer to team up with Veil Solutions on this project,” Bret Vorhees, director of product development at Walther Arms, said in a news release. “There will be holsters available from all of the popular holster manufacturers as well very soon, but it was important for Walther to offer this holster from the launch of the Steel Frame product.”

Walther Competition C1 Holster uses a Kydex build. (Photo: Walther Arms)

The Competition C1 Holster complements Walther’s latest Q5 Match Steel Frame pistol. The 9mm chambered pistol brings a steel design to the table that adds an extra pound for the overall weight of the firearm. This results in smooth, fast shooting, according to Walther.

“This is our big time gun. It’s not for everybody,” Osborne said while pointing out the $1,400 price point. “This is not a gun that your normal guy is going to up and grab. This is a gun that you buy to make your friends envious. That pushes the limits of performance when you get down on the range,” Cody Osborne, Walther’s marketing manager, said at a media presentation in Tulsa in 2018.

The Walther Competition C1 Holster is available through Walther Arms with an MSRP of $99.99.

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