True Precision brings new P365 barrels to market for Sig Sauer owners

The True Precision Sig P365 barrels come in an array of colors. (Photo: True Precision)

Sig Sauer P365 owners now have more options in terms of aftermarket accessories courtesy of True Precision who recently announced new P365 barrels. The company said that the P365 barrels are the result of consumers demanding more options for their P365 pistols.

The threaded and non-threaded P365 barrels keep to True Precision’s design, featuring a broach cut rifling process and 1-in-10-inch twist rate. The barrels boast a bevy of PVD coatings, opening the door for Sig Sauer P365 to partake in more customization. True Precision says colors include Black Nitride, Black DLC, Grey, Stainless, Rose, Gold, Copper, Rainbow and Blue.

“Focusing on customer-driven demands, True Precision has deemed the P365 as a worthy candidate to invest their time and resources into. Not only is the finished product a work of art, but it is better than ever in functionality, fit and aesthetics,” the company said in a news release. “This type of product gives the consumer a new sense of pride in his or her firearm.”

The Sig P365 barrels come in threaded barrel variants, shown above, or non-threaded. (Photo: True Precision)

True Precision said it’s worked hard to improve the P365 barrel design, ensuring no flaws or issues when the barrel is dropped into the Sig P365 pistol. “We couldn’t be happier with how this barrel turned out. This will be a game changer for P365 shooters,” Jimmy Allen, an owner of True Precision, added.

The drop-in barrels come in threaded and non-threaded variants with non-threaded P365 barrels priced at $169 and their threaded counterparts priced at $179.

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