Firing the Solo 300 bolt-action AR pistol (VIDEO)

First off, no Wookiees were harmed in the making of this video. In all seriousness, Elijah Duray of Eagan, Minnesota this week posted the above short video of his homemade Solo 300 pistol being fired.

As covered previously, the design uses hybrid AR polymer receivers with metal inserts and a straight-pull left-handed bolt of Duray’s own design to allow him to manually cycle the .300 Blackout-chambered handgun. Complete with a 7-inch threaded barrel, the 38-ounce gun is magazine fed and optimized for use with a can–  and he shows it in action both with and without a suppressor with a variety of loads.

And the best news? He hopes to have uppers ready to market in the second quarter of this year. Of course, we will keep you informed.

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