Parabellum fun with the experimental Vertical Fast Sten (VIDEO)

What’s not to love about a full-freedom Sten gun variant set to bottom feed? A special project of Walter Keller with Safety Harbor Firearms, the Vertical Fast Sten demo gun has popped up extensively on SFS’s social media in recent weeks and Hank Strange checks it out up close and personal in the above video.

The gun is a hybrid built from a mix of Sten MkII and MkIII parts that has been converted to feed vertically rather than horizontally as the classic WWII-era open bolt sub gun normally did. The chopped-down 10-inch tube and other modifications translate to a more M3 Grease Gun-like SMG that chews through 9mm at a pretty invigorating chop when it is not being buggy. Unfortunately, it is a post-86 sample which means you can hold your breath on a transfer.

Can we talk about the Hughes Amendment? (Photo SHF)

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