Roth Performance shows off 26-shell Xrail and racing shotguns (VIDEO)

Roth Performance is a company that knows how to pack it in, literally. The Wisconsin-based manufacturer showcased a one-of-a-kind magazine system, the Xrail, during SHOT Show 2019. The device allows you to fire 26 shotgun shells in a row without a single reload.

Roth chief executive Mark Roth explained the device is aimed mainly at people who shoot three-gun competitions. “It’s a pretty easy system, loads the same way a normal M2 does,” he said.

The device operates using three tubular magazines that rotate on a cylinder and then once a tube empties, the Xrail automatically rotates to the next tube. “It’s 26 rounds as fast as you can shoot,” Roth said.

The new product for SHOT this year was their universal receiver system. This comes as a kit for the Benelli M2 and Breda B12i. This is a racing kit that comes with the quad vacuum port, something which Roth said the competition shooters really enjoyed.

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